Local Homeowners Await Savings From New Bill

There are mixed feelings among area homeowners about the solution to homeowner's insurance.

Many local homeowners say they like the sound of the newly signed homeowner's insurance bill saving Floridians up to 40 percent, especially those hit with the astronomical spike in insurance rates after the 2004-05 hurricanes in our area.

Joann Webb, who is an Alligator Point homeowner says, "At Alligator Point, we lost probably 30 or 40 homes with Hurricane Dennis. It's probably quadrupled my rates. I ran across a bill last night. My bill at that time was like $97. This was back in the '80's, which is 20 years ago. Now it's around $1,100 or $1,200. So it's gone up, up, up every year."

Some homeowners say they are a bit skeptical about lawmakers' claims that the new insurance bill will provide sufficient financial savings.