State Commissioners Meet With Valdosta Industry Leaders

The local authority is hoping the state will put Lowndes County on the state list of marketable destinations for business expansion. The Valdosta-Lowndes Industrial Authority is showcasing one of its newest factories to state industry commissioners.

The local authority is hoping commissioners will head back to Atlanta with Valdosta on their minds when prospect companies inquire about a place to build.

"Having the commissioner here, he is the main person. He's the one that everybody contacts when they're looking at the state of Georgia and whether we show up on the radar screen depends on how they feel about us," said Ken Garren, Valdosta-Lowndes Industrial Authority.

It's plants like "Letica", which produces at least 25,000 plastic containers a day in a multi million dollar facility, that local authorities are hoping will demonstrate the city's excellence in management, technology and economic expansion.

The State Department of Industry says that's the major consideration behind selection of cities.

"We're looking for leadership which is the driving issue. You can look around and see what's happening here over the last ten to twenty years and directly relate it to the leaders the community has had," said Glenn Cornell, Georgia Department of industry, Travel & Tourism.

The Valdosta/Lowndes Industrial Authority has land holdings in seven industrial parks located throughout the county. They're confident this visit with the state commissioner will push the city steaming forward and recruit more businesses for the region.

The commissioner also visited Wild Adventures theme park Monday, which officials say is another attraction that has a positive economic impact on Valdosta and Lowndes County.