TCC Unveils 2007 Black Leaders Calendar

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Tallahassee Community College recognized local black leaders in Tallahassee. WCTV's Shonda Knight presided over the unveiling of the 2007 calendar.

"I've seen the calendars before in previous years and I know the caliber of people that were featured in those calendars. So I'm honored just to be in the room with many of these people," said FAMU Student Body President Phillip Agnew, who is pictured in June.

Others receiving recognition were former WCTV Anchor Carmen Cummings, "The Voice of FAMU" Joe Bullard, Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump of Parks and Crump, Kathleen and Wilmoth Baker, Lucille Holliday Brown, Errick Farmer, Dexter Martin, Dr. William R. Jones, Reginald C. James, Pam Laws, Rosiland Tompkins-Whiteside, Christopher S. Evans and Roosevelt Wilson.

The ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jessie Furlow, who is also pictured in the calendar.