Something in the Water

There is more trouble for northeast Tallahassee residents after a water test comes back positive for contamination. The Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association says neighborhood waters show high levels of fecal matter.

The Homeowners Association says it certainly shows a need for further testing. They gave Eyewitness News an exclusive look at those results Monday as they were released to Leon County officials.

The Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association paid for analysis of 17 water samples on October 28. Water was taken from locations close to reported failing septic systems. The Homeowners Association says fecal coliform levels exceeded state criteria at 16 of 17 sites tested.

"It's my opinion these elevated test samples came from the high density of septic tanks in Killearn Lakes I and II which then continually go through all our lakes, green areas, affecting the whole neighborhood in a sense," said Brad.

These test results are not conclusive regarding the source of fecal coliform, which could also be from animals and not just human septic tanks.

We could not reach anyone at the Leon County Health Department for comment. Homeowners Association officials released the test results Monday hoping county leaders will consider them at their meeting Tuesday night.

Leon County officials are still working on putting in a sewer system, but it's an expensive project. Obviously Homeowners Association leaders hope the test results will continue to draw attention to the health issues of failing septic tanks.