Insurance Reform Bill Awaiting Governor's Signature

All sides agree that more will need to be done.

House members streamed from the chamber after their 116-2 vote for the insurance package. A few minutes later the Senate voted unanimously and the traditional hankie drop ended the session.

Legislative leaders praised each other and the bi-partisanship.

“Because on November 7th, we got it," said Senate President Ken Pruitt. "We fully understand what the people said and you’re gonna see a bipartisan spirit."

The legislation is supposed to cut the premium on wind insurance by 25 percent. Other savings are more elusive. The governor praised the work.

"We are going to lower rates in a meaningful way and it’s going to actually happen." Gov. Charle Crist said. "This is a great beginning."

Crist agreed more work needs to be done and says he will offer a package for the spring legislative session, but for now he wants to savor the moment.

"I could not be more proud of the members of the House and Senate and the people of Florida first and because of them, this moved. It is only because of them that this happened."

After the session ended, Charlie Crist said that he would sign the bill, unless he found a surprise. Savings should show up in a rate reduction or even a check in your mailbox sometime after three months.

The governor is expected to sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk providing there are no surprises hidden in the 167 page bill.