Problems With the BCS

BCS Poll

This new program became known as the Bowl Championship Series.

The goal was simple, the BCS was meant to match the top two college football teams in a championship game.

Calling the BCS ratings system inefficient is being nice, according to fans. They say it's actually ridiculous.

The Bowl Championship Series ratings are based four-components, the win/loss, quality of opponent, strength of schedule, and polls.

Fans say the BCS is great, in theory, but not so great, because it doesn't really work.

"The BCS is a flawed system. "

"There should be a different system. No one likes it."

Unhappy Florida State fans say the ratings system is obsolete and they have not faith in it.

"I think it's messed up right now."

But some do have some faith.

"It's not a perfect system but it should work itself out."

Fans say they would rather see a playoff system.

"I think a play off system would be great. "

"Have the top eight teams play each other in a tournament."

"It has to go to a play off system. Another year like this one and there's going to be a revolt."

Many FSU fans are not excited about facing off with the Hurricanes again.

They say they aren't afraid of a loss to Miami, but they were hoping for the Rose Bowl.
All together there are 28 different bowls.

Lee Gordon says the last time the BCS worked out as it should was last year, Miami versus Ohio State, two undefeated teams, and the BCS proved efficient when the Seminoles brought home the championship in 2000 when they beat Mick Vick and the Hokies.