Self-Defense Series: Part 1

Being familiar with self-defense techniques can mean some simple moves could set you free. Although Brad Fantle sports a fourth degree black belt, the self defense expert says it doesn't take all that to scare off an attacker.

There are four simple moves:

First, the hand insertion, which is as easy as knocking on a door when grabbed by the wrist. Fantle says as soon as the assailant lets go, run.

The second move is the shin trigger, another option if you're hands are full. He says a swift kick to the shin will force the attacker to loosen his grip.

Third, the back arm insertion used when someone is holding your shoulder face to face.

Finally, if grabbed from behind, the back hand spin release.

Four simple moves from knocking to kicking to pinching to spinning. Next week brad will take us to a grocery store parking lot. The self-defense expert will explain why self-awareness is a huge part of staying safe.