104 Bikes or 104 Hours

If you're looking for a way to brighten a child's Christmas, it's easy. All you have to do is donate a new set of wheels. That's what dozens of folks in the capital city are doing this year with the help of a crazy disc jockey and dedicated cops.

It's called Bikes or Bust, a local DJ with Hot 104.9 is camping outside several feet in the air to make Christmas wishes come true for 104 kids.

They come in all colors, all shapes, and all sizes. A childhood memory many carry with them through the years. Everybody remembers getting their first bike.

“I remember mine, it was pink with a banana seat and it was snowing, but I rode it. Every kid deserves that memory,” said Kennedy, a DJ.

And children in the capital city may soon have that memory with the help of cops for kids and a crazy disc jockey. They call him Karson with a K. He's spending 104 hours 50 feet above ground until 104 bikes arrive below.

If it doesn't happen?

“That's just not an option. I'd say we get 104 by the end of the day, but we're not going anywhere until we get all these bikes,” said Karson.

The word is out and hearts are opening. A kaleidoscope of bikes, trikes and training wheels are trickling in. Bikes or Bust is gaining ground, picking up cheerleaders along the way.

As for Karson with a K, more bikes mean fewer nights braving the wintry weather.

“I think it got down to the 40's last night. When I woke up there was ice and dew on my sleeping bag,” said Karson.

But there may be a storm brewing for Karson with a K. Meteorologist Matt Barrentine says we're in store for rain showers on Wednesday.

Hot 104.9 will accept money donations to go buy bicycles as well.