Postal Food Drive

Postal carriers in the Rose City are picking up a little more than outgoing mail while they're on their routes Tuesday. Canned goods and wrapped toys left by community members are being added to the mailbag.

Tuesday marks the rebirth of the Thomasville post office's "One-Day Food and Toy Drive". Organizers sent out more than 12,000 flyers last month asking community members to leave canned food and toys to be picked up to be given to the needy throughout the area.

Rose City mail carriers have an especially heavy load for a Tuesday, but they don't seem to mind. The weight is for a good cause. Once they're picked up from the mailboxes and sorted, they'll be donated to organizations for the needy.

Organizers say the last year the drive was held more than 5,000 cans of non-perishables were collected. This year they hope to meet or beat that record.

"We sent out 12,689 flyers to every resident of the city of Thomasville and the rural areas and we really hope the residents did what we asked them to do," said Jack Hadley.

"We've had a few homeless people come in already to see what's going on and they see the food and toys and it seems to brighten them up a bit that people do care," Eric Murphy said.

The work to brighten the holidays for those in need is far from over for drive organizers, but they say once the goods are sorted and donated, others will benefits from the true spirit of the holiday season.

The food is being distributed to the Thomas County Food Bank, Salvation Army, Providence Plaza and the Rescue Mission Center, and the toys will go to DFCS and also to the Salvation Army. Mailmen in Cairo are also collecting for the cause.