Drug Farm Auction

The two ranches were seized from a family accused of laundering drug money, and on the auction block they brought millions.

They came from as far away as Chicago and Orlando, but more likely from Cairo or Live Oak to eye up bush hogs and hay balers.

"What are you interested in today? A cattle trailer, a hay baler, a couple tractors? I brought my finance director, Ronnie, tell 'em about it. Yeah we're going to buy a couple tractors, a trailer, that's about it," said Bobby Corbett.

The Nelaz ranch, all 912 acres in Jackson County and another 776 acres in Gadsden County, were up for sale after its owners were nabbed for laundering money for one of the biggest cocaine cartels in Florida history.

"It's one in a million a ranch like this. It's the biggest piece of property we've auctioned in Florida in a long time,” said Mark Wheelus.

The bidding started at a million and ended with the winning bid of a Marianna developer and his partners.

"It's nerve wracking. I hate to go home and face my wife, but we got it," Jerry Glass said.

The Gadsden County ranch near Sycamore sold for an even $1 million to Tallahassee engineer Greg Preble and three of his partners.