Rudy Maloy's Attorney Fees

Months ago, commissioners refused to pay a $340,000 bill for Maloy's acquittal on criminal charges. That bill is now the subject of a lawsuit looks like we'll see another one.

As commissioners talked about his legal bills at length, Rudy Maloy spoke up just once.

"I'm sorry it has caused so much difficulty in this chamber. It has caused great difficulty for me and my family. I apologize to the citizens and I apologize to you all for that, but I can't afford to pay this bill," said Maloy.

Maloy's attorneys won an acquittal on ethics charges. Question is whether Maloy's actions with his aides were official duties serving a public purpose.

"If it is in fact part of his official duties, I think the person who wrote the job description ought to be taken out and flogged. I think any commissioner who votes for this ought to be next in line,” said Frank Govett.

Also speaking out against payment, two men who want Maloy's seat.

"I'm not an attorney myself, you know that, but it's time for an injection of a large dose of common sense," said Ed Depuy.

"If you want an absolute revolution in this community, against the county commission, roll over and pay these legal fees," said Greg Patterson.

"It serves a public purpose for a wrongly accused public official to vindicate his rights through defending himself. All the cases say that. These people don't understand the law," Bruce Minnick said.

Maloy recused himself from the vote. Commissioner Bill Proctor was his lone supporter. Maloy's attorney says he will sue the county for payment and it could end up costing much more in the long run.

So far, county attorneys have spent $33,000 fighting against paying the Dobson bill.