Egg Prices At an All-Time High

Egg prices have reached a 23-year high according to economy watchers. They say there are a few reasons for the increase, but still the average grocery shopper may not have noticed.

Economist say even though the price of eggs is at a 23-year high, the average consumer is getting by just fine, but might not be too happy about it. While the price of eggs in the grocery store is still a pretty good deal, averaging about $1.30, economists suspect some businesses that need large numbers of eggs might be feeling the pinch.

"Our egg prices have gone up. We go through a lot of eggs in a week. It's been hard on us," says Mike Schmidt.

The United Egg Producers say there are various reasons for the recent price hike.

"One, is due to a disease out in California a hens were killed, the industry is trying to make up for a loss, and then there was a 10 percent reduction in how many chickens to a chicken coop."

Don't forget the popularity of the high protein diet. It's another reason being listed. Economists say it all comes down to high demand; a lower supply ending in a price increase.

With the holiday season, more people are baking and cooking at home, also cause from more demand.