Out in Three?

A law aimed at moving students from the classroom to the world of nine to five in three years is coming under scrutiny and facing changes that could trickle down the educational ladder.

It's called Senate Bill 30-A, and it's a new law passed over the summer. That gives kids the option of taking a less traditional route to graduation, meaning three years of high school, but Wednesday that bill was overhauled by the Senate Committee on Education, and attempts were made to repeal it all together.

Over the summer parents received a letter like this about their child's public education. It says beginning this fall, students entering grades six through the 12th will have new graduation options like graduation from high school in three years with 18 credits, but it appears that opportunity could soon disappear for some students.

Before students could sign up for the option with a 2.0 grade point average. Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Education agreed to raise the standards to a 3.5 GPA, affecting which students apply and how Lincoln High School guidance counselor Terri Gimble guides her students to graduation.

"We went to all the classes this fall, told them it was available no we are going to go back and say it's not," said Gimble.

This doesn't just affect the students who have enrolled or plan to sign up for the new option, it also affects the county.

"We have to know how many students are taking classes to justify the number of teachers," said Bill Montford.

Leon County school board member Fred Varn thinks the bill should be repealed all together.

"Because students don't realize but this is the best time of their life, not out in the cruel world working same time getting electives to well round their education," said Fred Varn.

Senator Cline did present an amendment to repeal the bill altogether, but that failed Wednesday and the Senate Sub Committee on Education approved the substitute bill raising which raises the standards and requires

At Lincoln High School, fewer than ten students have signed up for the three-year plan.