Homicide Investigation

Clyde Thomas was alive when the sun went down Tuesday night, neighbors saw him stringing Christmas lights, but crime tape surrounds this home on Mock Drive, the home where 61-year-old Thomas lived alone, and often played checkers with his neighbors, including Jessie Lindsey who lives across the street.

"I saw him this time yesterday ... he was down there stringing Christmas lights ... and something unusual ... he usually turns his Christmas lights off when he goes to bed about 11, 12 at night, but last night they were on all night. That's unusual,” explains Lindsey.

Neighbors found Thomas dead on the floor of his home Wednesday morning, and called 911. Firefighters arrived on scene at about 8:30 a.m. and they summoned police. Investigators are not disclosing the cause of death, but say it is definitely a homicide, and it was drug-related.

A quick check of court records shows that Thomas has been arrested in the past for both possession and sale of marijuana.

A broken window in the rear of his home suggests shots fired, and fingerprint dust covers the front door. But right now, police have no suspects.

Family members and neighbors are anxious to know more.

Mr. Thomas's sister was at the scene Wednesday afternoon, she says she too is awaiting autopsy results and has no idea who would do something like this.