Car Breaks Governor's Mansion Security

At about 7 p.m., a car crashed through a gate outside the home.

A spokeswoman from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says Gov. Jeb Bush was not at the residence at the time of the incident, but his wife, Columba Bush, was but says she was never in danger and is fine.

The person who crashed the gate is not in police custody yet. An FDLE spokesperson tells us the car crashed through a gate on First Avenue, then drove through the mansion property and exited through a gate on Duval Street.

The gates were damaged, and officials estimate the driver's car was substantially damaged as well.

No word yet whether the incident might have been recorded on a security camera.

In an incredible coincidence, city commissioner were Wednesday night, and almost at the very moment of the crash, debating whether to grant a state request to close Adams Street and First Avenue around the mansion.

State officials wanted that in part exactly because of the sort of security breech that happened.

They also say closing the streets will make the mansion safer for visitors.

Commissioners did approve the closure, with the condition that pedestrians and cyclists would still be able to approach the mansion gates as they can now.

And yes, the area the car drove through to get into the compound is part of what state officials hoped to make more secure.