Beating Death Confession

Twenty-six-year-old Roddicus Butler originally told police the toddler choked to death, but an autopsy revealed otherwise.

Police say Butler was babysitting Jamira Washington while her mother was at work.

When she soiled her pants and made a mess, he became angry and hit her.

Neighbors in this Bainbridge community say it was sad enough to hear of the death of two-year-old Jamira Washington last month.

Hearing that her stepfather has been charged with her murder is a fresh blow.

"I look at my little girl today and think if it was my child, what would it be like?” comments Queentila Akins.

Police say Butler originally told them the two-year-old choked on some food. When autopsy results revealed she died of abdominal trauma, he admitted he hit her.

"It's pretty heart-wrenching, this is the kind of case you never get used to and you dread them when they come up,” says James Spooner.

Police say since Butler was the only adult home when she went into cardiac arrest, autopsy results told the truth before he could.

"There's no good outcome because Jamira died, it's just fortunate we could resolve it so quickly and make an arrest in the case."

Roddicus Butler is being held in the Decatur County Jail. He faces charges of cruelty to a child and felony murder, he could face life in prison if convicted.