FSU Law Students Fight for Young Inmate's Early Release

Thursday morning, students stood before the governor and Cabinet to plead for clemency.

At the age of 13 Jessica Robinson plead guilty to kidnapping her grandparents and burglarizing their home. Two years later Eyewitness News sat down with Jessica who was then serving a nine-year sentence in an adult prison in Jefferson County.

“I did commit the crime, I'm not gonna lie about that, but I could have gotten a program or something like that,” says Jessica.

Now 20 years old and five years into her sentence, Jessica may finally get a program. Thursday FSU law students stood before Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet pleading for clemency. If granted, Jessica would be enrolled in a two-year program to help integrate her back into society.

“She has no idea how open a bank account, balance a check book, a budget, get a job, drive a car,” said Barbara Demby-Abrams.

Since she was 13, FSU law students have represented Jessica, trying to get her into a juvenile detention facility. Now, they hope the young woman will be released early.

Following the students' request, Bush said the Cabinet would take the case under advisement. Jessica has four years left on her sentence.