Two Men Under Arrest for Joy Ride Near Governor's Mansion

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says the two stole a car, and then took off on a joy ride straight through the mansion property. Almost immediately after the incident they were arrested.

Police say the pair stole a Mustang from a Kentucky Fried Chicken on Monroe Street. About 15 minutes later they were stopped, driving the car FDLE says went through the governor's mansion gates.

A patrol car guards the damaged gates at the governor's mansion still mangled from Wednesday night's incident. FDLE says 24-year-old Steven Franklin Baker and 19-year-old Floyd Jesse Boggs stole the red Mustang that went through the gates in a 15-minute joyride.

Ironically, at the time of the crash Tallahassee city commissioners were considering closing two streets around the mansion.

"I don't want to be in a position, sitting up here, of having denied the state's ability to control the area around the Governor's Mansion in case there was some catastrophic event there,” said Tallahassee City Commissioner Debbie Lightsey.

Little did Lightsey know an event would happen within the hour.

Under the plan approved by the city, another set of gates would go up on First Avenue, keeping other cars from getting as close as that one did Wednesday night, but the city wants to make sure Adams Street stays open in front of the mansion for walkers and bicyclists.

"Unfortunately, we're living in some times and circumstances that require this kind of security, and we have to get used to it as Americans. We don't like it, I don't like it, nobody likes it," said Mayor John Marks.

Commissioners reserved the right to reconsider reopening the street in five years, but after Wednesday night, that looks less likely.

Information we've obtained indicates Boggs’ last known address was in Gainesville; Baker's was in Millington, Tennessee. Since they were from out of town, they may not have specifically targeted the governor's mansion.

Now that the state has the city commission's approval, they still have to go through the permitting process to build the new gates and other structures.