Perdue Visits Peanut Growers

They say their brand-new peanut plant in Donalsonville will throw business to 60 area growers and employ nearly seventy people during the growing season.

Gov. Sonny Perdue came down from Atlanta to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and officially open the new American Peanut Growers Group plant in Donalsonville.

He says it's a fresh start in the right direction for South Georgia.

Two years ago, the American Peanut Growers Group plant was only a dream, but now, thanks to the hard work those dreamers put in, it's become a reality.

Thursday's ribbon cutting, done by Gov. Perdue, marks a monumental step for the state’s economy.

"In the wake of many other South Georgia factories closing down and laying off hundreds of employees, the new plant will pump $40 million into the area's economy each year and bring business to 60 area peanut growers."

"Sixty growers growing 60,000 tons of peanuts probably will become 80,000 to 85,000 tons within two or three years, so we're excited."

"These jobs will mean a lot for the people that are working here but the spin-off businesses and the overall contribution it will make to Southwest Georgia is absolutely phenomenal."

If all goes as planned, the growers hope their business will expand far beyond their immediate plans, and bring South Georgia's economy up to a new level.

Peanut producers out of five Southwest Georgia counties will contribute to the new plant's produce.

That plant cost about $14 million to build, which is only about a third of its projected monetary output each year.