Surgery Suites Unveiled at TMH

Friday WCTV got a sneak peak at TMH's $1.4 million addition.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital's new surgery suites are stocked from top to bottom with state of the art technology. The rooms are fully integrated, computerized and electronically controlled.

“All of the equipment is self contained. It doesn't have to be brought in from other places in the hospital,” says Eliot Sieloff, a general surgeon.

One big draw is the high definition digital resolution monitors, key for surgeries requiring cameras.

“The surgeon’s eyes make the decision, so if they see clearer the patient isn't on the table as long,” says Tom McClaren, Administrator of Surgical Services.

The traditional setting we're all used to seeing with nurses assisting standing alongside the surgeons. With this new technology, nurses will now make decisions from the computer behind a desk.

Surgeons say these hi-tech systems cannot fail, and even if they did, all of the machines can be operated manually.

Hospital staff say the hi-tech suites are the first in our area and among just a handful of such facilities in the nation.