Sex Bracelet Fad Hits the Sunshine State

It involves jelly bracelets, a rather inexpensive accessory. Some say the rubber jelly bracelets, a rather inexpensive accessory are key pieces in a sex game, and while Leon County students know the rules of the game, no one seems to be playing.

A trend from the 80's is making its way back in to pop culture, but this time jelly bracelets could be making more than a fashion statement. Try a statement about your kids' sex life.

The game Leon County students Erin and Alex have heard about is called "snap" and it's causing quite a stir. Here's how the game reportedly works: for every yellow ribbon you snap off you're supposed to get a hug every purple one a kiss. The games get more sexually explicit with every color and bracelet.

In Alachua County, school children have been banned from wearing the jewelry to school after educators learned some kids were calling them "sex bracelets", but Leon County student Thomas Nocera says the so called sex game is just an urban myth.

We spoke to Superintendent Bill Montford and a local middle and high school principal. All three say they haven't had any problem with the jelly bracelets or heard the kids talking about the so-called sex game.

A school in Marion County, Florida has forbidden kids from wearing them as well.