Victorian Christmas

Christmas may only come around once a year, but the good people in Thomasville know how to make the most of the holiday, two crazy nights of Victorian Christmas.

At its inception 17 years ago, only about 100 people attended Victorian Christmas festivities. Now it attracts thousands.

"I just met a couple from Jacksonville who were here for the first time. People from Tampa, people from Michigan are here, people from all over want to come and see our Victorian Christmas,” said Sharlene Celaya.

Activities have blossomed along with the crowd. Take your pick of horse-drawn carriages, live music, fresh food and everyone's favorite, the costumes!

Victorian Christmas wraps up Friday night, but if you missed it, don't worry. Organizers say the food, clothing and fun only gets better every year!

Many of those fancy costumes were rented by the downtown development office. Organizers believe the opportunity to dress up is one of the main reasons the event grows each year.