Saddam Hussein Captured

Jubilation in the streets of Baghdad after the announcement,
"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him,” said Paul Bremer, the US Administrator in Iraq. The news brought Iraqi journalists at the news conference to their feet. "Iraq's future, your future, has never been more full of hope - the tyrant is a prisoner, “continued Bremer. The commander of US ground troops in Iraq,
Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, described what the military is calling operation Red Dawn. "There were no injuries, no shots fired. He is talkative and being cooperative." A late night search mission netted the target, at the bottom of a 6-8 foot spider hole on a rural farm near his hometown of Tikrit. The initial photos were shocking, the ousted leader, looking like a vagrant, undergoing a medical examination. It was an image most Iraqi's never thought they'd see.
But there are still many questions: aside from what will happen to
Saddam Hussein, now Iraqis want to know how and if this will improve their everyday lives.