Local Reaction to Saddam's Capture

Saddam Captured in Iraq

Tallahassee residents are sharing their satisfaction with the capture of Saddam Hussein. Some say it was great to see a once powerful dictator fall to the hands of U.S. forces, calling it an early Christmas gift for Iraqis and Americans.

Many say they watched it unfold on the television as coalition video showed Saddam after his capture.

“It's a great day, maybe they can get things back to normal in the Mideast,” said Dave Saba of Tallahassee.

“I think it's a chance for things to mend and for them to go forward,” said Katie Fearington, also of Tallahassee.

Residents in the Peach State hope the capture of Saddam Hussein will lead to the return of US troops still serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I glad they've captured him. I feel like now that maybe it won't be too many more months before our soldiers can come back home and that's what we want, "said Vivian Godwin.

"I'm glad they've captured him and I hope that in the future Iraq will be a different country and everybody will be peaceful," said John Butler.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called the end of the most intensive man hunt, “A joyous day for freedom loving people around the world.” Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss said,

“The removal of Saddam Hussein from power was phase one of this operation. The capture of Saddam completes another phase of the War on Terrorism and our efforts to build a free Iraq.”

As for Saddam Hussein's fate, President George Bush says, "He'll face the justice he denied to millions.”