Heading Home for the Holiday

The holiday season for many area college students means packing up and heading home, but some return to find their valuable items stolen. LT Bergstrom, with the Tallahassee Police Department says the period from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's is when the department sees a drastic increase in burglaries.

Bergstrom says many students, who live in either dorms or apartments, leave an expensive item like a computer, unattended giving a would-be burglar a chance to take advantage.

"I would definitely find some way to secure it, like I said either leave with someone you know is going to be home or take it with you or maybe rent a warehouse,” said Bergstrom.

Students leaving for the holiday not only opens the door to crime but it could be shutting the door on business for area merchants. Thousands of students have packed their bags and have gone home for the holidays, but with everyone gone local businesses have hit a stand still when it comes to making money.

"It's seriously dead. It's one o' clock and we've been opened since 12. It's really slow, no business, all the kids have gone home,” said one merchant.

Another said, "Shut it. No need to be opened. We're losing money by being opened."

Business owners say it’s too soon to know how much money they'll lose during the holiday season. However, owners say it’s one thing they've been prepared for.