Bainbridge Town Hall on Health Care

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Bainbridge residents had a turn to express their concerns about the current health care plan proposed by Congress. Like most town hall meetings held by Congressman Sanford Bishop, it started with a prayer...but that's where the courtesies ended.

"There's going to be an uprising in this country that's going to make the Boston Tea Party look like a picnic." A man shouted from the crowd.

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop (D) 2nd District Georgia says, "People who have insurance are the most vocal and who are the most concerned are actually paying eleven hundred dollars per person now to pay for those who don't have insurance."

Before the question and answer session began Congressman Bishop addressed what he says are four top myths associated with the plan.

Those include to discontinue employment health care, coverage for illegal immigrants, government sponsored abortions and death panels.

For almost three hours residents in the second congressional district lined up one by to take the microphone.

Bainbridge resident Liz Tomlin supports health care bill says, "We're having problems now with Medicaid and Medicare so whatever they vote on if the bill passes, I'm sure it will be better than what we have now."

Charles Walker, M.D. says, "We need reform we need some changes but I'm concerned about the actual delivery of the public option to the patients."

Congressman Bishop also held a town hall meeting in Albany.

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