Closing Allen's Liquor?

A Monticello bar is in danger of being shut down after every available police officer is called to break up a fight. The town's police chief calls the bar a nuisance that poses a threat to his officers, as well as neighbors.

The chief says a few weeks ago a fight broke out near Allen's Liquor's. He says the fight took place over a two-day period and it's become a danger for his officers.

"We had an incident about three I did not think I was going to make weeks ago I was in fear of my life it home that night," said Fred Mosley.

Sergeant Fred Mosley says a fight between two rival families took place at Allen's Liquors in Monticello. Mosley says he and other officers tried to quell the fight, but weren't successful.

The fight prompted Police Chief David Frisby to ask city council members to close the establishment.

"It's a danger for my officers it's not pleasant for the community. It borders in the middle of the neighborhood, neighbors don't like that stuff," said Chief David Frisby.

Still, some residents are in support of the bar.

"That bar has been there for at least 50 years and I don't find no fault with the bar," Dressie Mae Sloan says.

In fact some residents are blaming the chief for not providing an officer at a substation located within walking distance of the bar.

"The substation is unused I feel the fault is on Frisby himself because if he utilized the building if they see police cars around they're not going to stop and fight nobody," said Donna Hagan.

The owner of the bar doesn't deny the incident, but says he's willing to do whatever it takes to prevent future problems.

"I told him that I would agree to have bouncers on the inside and control the premises," said William Allen.

A meeting is taking place Monday at the Monticello City Hall to determine if city council members should suspend Allen's liquor license.