Stolen Mail Suspects Found

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The case of mail stolen from Franklin County led police to suspects in Clearwater, Florida.

Two weeks ago we reported how dozens of letters had been stolen out of mailboxes all along Highway 98.

Some of the mail turned up in a toilet in Wakulla County. One of the victims tells us Clearwater police contacted him and he had to prove his identity. He also had to explain that he is not connected to the suspects.

Steve Metzke said, "These people were clever. They started off and stole an ID up in Tennessee, which they brought down to Florida and opened up a bank account, and they took our checks and deposited them in the bank and then from there they tried to deposit more checks."

Metzke says the crooks had cashed up to four thousand dollars in fraudulent checks before they were caught. He says it may take years for him to clear his name even though he put an alert on his credit report.