Ultimate Classroom

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Hundreds of sixth graders in Gadsden County will be taking on a new mission aimed at helping them improve in science and math.

Gadsden County educators are partnering with Tallahassee Community College and the Challenger Center to make that dream a reality.

Breona Davis, a 6th grade student at Shanks Middle School, is busy studying her science book in hopes of soaring to new heights academically.

Breona Davis said, "What I like about science is that we learn about the solar system."

Yenic Velasco said, "Whenever you get into the 8th grade you want to do science and be able to do science and pass it, and it makes you learn about non-living and animals or up in space."

And that's why Gadsden County school officials are teaming up with TCC and the Challenger Learning Center to help students get a world of knowledge in science and math.

Reginald James said, "As we look at the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, the additional science is added to the test. I think this will really help us in terms of providing hands-on, real life experiment for kids in science."

The newly formed "ultimate classroom" is geared towards helping students improve academically and pursue careers in science related fields.

Dr. Bill Law said, "We just want to help put the idea of college in the minds of kids and we want to give them experience that learning and help them see the path to the future."

It’s a future that's a little brighter thanks to a community of educators working together to help students reach for the stars.

There is more proof that Gadsden County students need that boost in math and science. Only 27 percent of seniors passed the math portion of their college placement test.