TB Forum in Gadsden County

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The recent cases of tuberculosis on East Gadsden High School's campus have health officials meeting with parents for a day of dialogue.

The Health Department has been working closely with school administrators, providing free testing to students, teachers and faculty who may have been in close contact with the individuals tested positive for TB.

Rumors have been flying rampant in the community, and now the health department is gearing up for a question and answer to quell any unfounded speculations.

Maximo Martinez said, "We have been getting calls they have subsided somewhat. We were getting a lot of phone calls. It was then thought that maybe it was a good idea to have some informational meeting at the high school and at Havana Middle School."

The first meeting is scheduled on January 31st at 6.00 p.m. at East Gadsden High School, then at Havana Middle School on February 1. For more information, call the Gadsden County Health Department at 850-875-7223, ext. 410.