Vocational Technical Program Kicks Off in Havana

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Lillian Johnson has been a Havana resident since 1995 and says she has a passion for helping her community.

"I guess being from a large area, I'm from Miami, there's a lot of things up here that they do not have, and I would just like to see it expanded," said Johnson, founder of the Havana Learning Center.

That's why Johnson helped start a vocational program where students can get hands-on experience in child care, construction, masonry, financial management and customer service.

Something they say will make them qualified employees, ready to get the job done.

"Instead of coming in and they don't have time to teach you, but if you come in and you know it already and they just show you what they want you to do and you go ahead and do it" said Bakari Bolds, a student enrolled in the program.

"It's an exciting thing and it's bringing upon growth and they'll be able to go out and do great things in the job and work force" says Joe Smith, a student and local business owner.

At the end of the four-week course students will receive assistance in finding a job, and Johnson says sometimes people just need a little motivation.

"I look at this as spark plugs, for a car, and they're the engine, and if I have to be the gas to push them, I'll be the gas to push them" said Johnson.

A push many in this community hope will go a long way in the workplace.

All classes are held at Havana Middle School. Students can register for the program through next Wednesday. To sign up, contact Lillian Johnson at 850-539-1315.