Gym That Fits You

A popular holiday gift is the gym membership, and this time of year gym business starts to boom, but there are some things consumers need to look for before they jump in with both feet.

To start, there's the concern about how much it's going to cost, but Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services warns to consumers to check on more than just the cost.

The rush to join a gym has already begun. Soon the season of eating will be over, and season to repent by exercising is right around the corner. Here's some professional advice for those of you shopping around.

"Make sure it fits your budget, also we recommend you go by the gym during the hours you're interested in working out to make sure there is availability for what you want to do, also make sure the gym has the amenities you're looking for,” says Erin Shaffer.

"Make sure the gym is conveniently located to work or home, and make sure it's clean before you sign a contract," says Preston Foster.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has some more advice.

"Discuss carefully and read the fine print to find out what would happen if you were hurt or move away. Most gyms have a clause to let you walk away from your membership for a good reason," says Terry McElroy.

One more key piece of advice, make sure the gym is bonded and licensed that deals with insurance, or if the gym goes out of business and you've paid the whole amount up front, you have some way of getting some money back.