Christmas Mayor's Motorcade

Several city leaders throughout southwest Georgia spent Tuesday afternoon outside enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures. They all came together for the annual Christmas Mayor’s Motorcade delivering loads of holiday cheer to hundreds of people.

Santa Claus traded in his sleigh for a fire truck Tuesday morning and his helpers weren't little men in green suits, but instead dozens of city leaders from southwest Georgia, bearing loads of gifts for the mentally ill at southwestern state hospital.

"Most of these clients, do not have any immediate family so for them this is their Christmas it really is," said Rick Singletary.

Gifts collected for the Christmas mayor's motorcade brought joy to the faces of the residents, and with a little help from 4th graders of Jerger Elementary, Santa stayed on beat.

"The main thing I get out of it is seeing other people happy. There are people all the world that need people during this season and across the year this is an opportunity for me to get involved with so many other people across the state to help make that happen," said Carl Camon.

In addition to the Christmas singing and gift giving, more than $10,000 was also donated to the hospital by surrounding cities Tuesday. Hospital officials say that's one gift to the patients that keeps on giving.

This is the 45th annual Mayor's Christmas Motorcade sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association.