Intensive Class at Thomasville High

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Getting students ready for the Georgia High School Graduation Test can be a challenge.

From finding enough time to teach the curriculum to helping students who fall behind, a regular school day just isn't cutting it, but now Thomasville High School is going the extra mile to make sure students are prepared.

Every junior in the state must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test before they can get their high school diploma.

In an effort to get students ready for the big exam, Thomasville High Principal Todd Mobley and Assistant Principal Bill Settle are implementing a new program.

Principal Mobley said, "We've seen students really taking advantage of the acceleration program because they know that in the end it's going to help them with taking this test that they have to pass."

The 20 minute intensive class period replaces time students were allowed to watch Channel 1, a teen news program broadcast throughout the United States.

Raven Baker, a junior at Thomasville High School, said, "We didn't really want to go, but then after we went for awhile it really is helping us and some of the teachers really want us to pass the graduation test. That really helps."

Kendrick Dixon, also a junior at Thomasville High School, added, "It's good ‘cause it's helping other people who have problems in other subjects learn more and refresh their memory."

Twenty extra minutes a day is time well spent to refresh students’ memory and prepare them for the Georgia High School Graduation Test in March.

Curriculum for the 20-minute intensive class period changes every four to five weeks, making sure to cover all subjects that will be on the big test.