Staying Safe While Shopping

Numbers show one of the most popular places many women visit is the most dangerous. Grocery store parking lots are said to have the highest rate of attacks or abductions, followed by office parking garages.

In Tuesday’s Feature at Five we have some simple tips to keep you and your little ones off of a predator's shopping list.

When leaving a grocery store there are some definite do's and don'ts. Personal protection coach Brad Fantle says first off opt for the cart.

“A lot of people don't want to deal with a shopping cart, only have three bags, but now your hands aren't free whether you want to want to run for help or push someone away,” says Brad.

Once you leave the store with your cart, scan for safety. Fantle says someone lurking in the distance is less likely to attack an aware woman, and when you get to your car, be ready. Don't have your head down searching through your purse for your keys, keys that could be a potential defense.

And as for your children, make them a priority, not the groceries.

“It'd be so easy for someone to drive by and take a child and drive off. She'd never know what happened.”

The self defense expert says put the children away first, then the groceries.

“Who cares if someone takes your groceries, those are replaceable. You can't replace a child.

Next Tuesday we'll have our last self defense segment, which will focus on how to stay safe when finishing up your last minute holiday shopping.