Violent Fugitive Roundup

A man wanted for armed robbery and kidnapping is nabbed at a Tallahassee hotel. Police swarmed the Howard Johnson's on North Monroe Street Tuesday afternoon. They surrounded room 117, trying to convince 29-year-old Johnny Hinson to come out. He finally did, along with another man.

Police tracked Hinson to the hotel after they say he stole a friend's computer and pawned it in his own name. The violent fugitive task force was on hand to help with the arrest. It just wrapped up Operation Season’s Greetings, a crackdown that resulted in 112 arrests in the past week.

"I happened to look out the door and I seen two sheriffs and a dog out there. Next thing you know, it was a naked man."

Tanya Hosendoll was cooking dinner when the violent fugitive task force descended on her backyard. A police dog found wanted fugitive Kenneth Peters hiding in her shed naked.

"The man was just running from the officer, so he happened to come out of his clothes while he was running."

Another arrest went down on Holton Street. Ahmad Atkinson was trying to flee out a back window, but somehow jammed his finger and actually severed it in that window. He was promptly arrested and taken to the hospital.

Those were just two of the arrests made during Operation Season’s Greetings, a cooperative effort between local, state and federal law officers. In all the fugitive task force arrested 112 people accused of 269 different crimes.

Task force members were summoned to the North Monroe Street hotel Tuesday afternoon, not to catch one of the 200 people on their most wanted list, but to help take down a suspected thief who turned out to be wanted for other crimes.

"We had the place surrounded and it helps to have their expertise on scene. They do nothing but arrest violent fugitives, so it's nice to have the warm bodies for an arrest team if it comes to that," said Ed Smith.

The violent fugitive task force targeted 200 people in its holiday sting. Most are violent career criminals. Fugitives arrested had a total of 1,028 arrests, an average of nine prior arrests a piece.