Farmers Keeping Area Cotton Gins Busy

Cotton farmers are producing at a record high which has local gin companies working overtime. Employees at Boston Gin Company are working overtime this season. It's not because of the holiday pay, but because an unusual amount of cotton demands their attention.

Josh Herring, president of Boston Gin, says this year has been the best harvest since 1994.

"On top of that the prices are pretty good. This year they're probably higher now then they've been since 2000. It looks like it'll be a pretty good year for farmers," said Josh Herring.

Herring says a good year for farmers means more business for his company.

"Basically at Boston Gin we take raw cotton which has seeds in it and trash, we extract the trash from it we take the seeds out of it, and this is what the finished product looks like it's combed out it goes to the press or is put into a bail it's sent to the mills and at that time, they make the yarn out of it"

"Ultimately you're making blue jeans, shirts, and cotton products out of it."

Cotton products that are in high demand in the U.S. and what keeps gin companies booming in south Georgia.

"We're looking for the farmers to plant a lot of cotton next year and hoping to have another great year," Herring says.

Cotton has become one of the most profitable products for farmers. There's over one million acres of cotton farming land right here in southwest Georgia.