Soon on the Move

It's official; Thomas University will soon have a new home. It' s been a little more than a month since university trustees rejected a new downtown location, but now they're left with no choice but to find yet another site.

Thomas University president Dr. John Hutchinson says university trustees have been debating whether or not to move the campus for a couple of years now, but after careful study of the need for space in the future, the board of trustees approved to relocate the university, indefinitely.

"We simply could not grow on our current site, there's not enough land here for us to develop a campus that will educate 12-15,000 students which is our initial target," said John Hutchinson.

University officials have plans to purchase no more than 50 acres of land, and they say that's more than enough room for another long awaited benefit for the campus.

"We are dislocated, for example our sports facility is located on. We have soccer here on campus and tennis over at the Country Club. Now were going to be able to locate the residence halls, academic buildings and athletic buildings in one site," Bob Bohman said.

Traditionally TU attracts older students, but Hutchinson says it has the potential of attracting a younger crowd, and he plans to fit their needs responsibly.

"That is an area where we can grow substantially but we have to have residence halls, facilities and student life activities that accommodate an increase," Hutchinson adds.

University officials say they are moving very quickly in the search and will meet in January to discuss where the new property will be purchased. It will be within the county near the current location off Millpond Road.