D'Alemberte Speaks Out on Treatment of Hussein

For years, the lawyer has helped countries in chaos establish a rule of law, but first he has some legal concerns regarding the former dictator.

Sandy D'Alemberte worked with associations throughout central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Just back from overseas, D'Alemberte has already co-authored an opinion editorial with the executive director of the International Bar Association concerning the trial of Saddam Hussein.

“We've got to be true to our own principals. Whatever we do will be seen by the rest of the world as done with full appreciation for the rule of law and a strong sense of justice,” said D’Alemberte.

D'Alemberte says he's thankful the Iraqi counsel created a statute that states international organizations will be consulted in Hussein's trial, but an immediate concern is the former dictator's lack of counsel.

“A person needs counsel in the situation. Not just Saddam, but other detainees. The American sense of justice would require would require the defendant having counsel and we ought to get on with it,” D’Alemberte added.

D'Alemberte says he in no way has any sympathy for Hussein, just respect for human rights. The FSU law professor serves on several international boards and associations, assisting and consulting them on legal issues.