Redeemed Inc. Toy Drive

A Gadsden County woman is trying to help hundreds of those children have a merry Christmas anyway.

Cynthia Perkins is a mother of seven who lost her job last year.

Perkins is now receiving help from the government to make ends meet while two of her children's fathers are serving time behind bars.

"It's hard for me but then my kids are very understanding and they know I don't have a job and I don't have that much income they're very understandable kids that's what I love about them,” shares Perkins.

Annie Berry from Redeemed Incorporated is going through a list of families like Perkins who are in dire need of assistance this holiday season.

Berry is trying to accommodate more than 400 children whose parents are behind bars.

"I would like to see them be able to have something for Christmas something for them to recognize what the season is about, loving and giving and to take their minds off what they don't have,” Berry says.

So far Berry collected enough gifts to grant Christmas wishes for 200 children, but with Christmas just one week away, Berry fears the rest of the kids may not have a "merry" Christmas" after all.

Still Perkins is optimistic.

"I've learned to let go and let god take control of my problems and me not to worry abut it and he's been blessing me ever since. Just being alive and having my kids together for Christmas that's all I ever wanted,” Perkins says.

If you would like to help these children, please call Redeemed Incorporated at 627-0251.