Herbert Mogan Passes Away

Former Florida House Representative Herbert Morgan was a well-known political figure.
Morgan passed away Friday evening after a long battle with cancer.

"I was visiting with him last week and got a chance to spend sometime with him, and I told him I was praying for him every day,” said Florida Senator Al Lawson. Senator Al Lawson says Morgan was his mentor when he was a young Legislator. During his last visit with Morgan, Lawson says he shared some good news with his friend.

"I was there to tell him I was going to name a building after him, Engineering school, with FSU and FAMU." Former State Representative and Tallahassee Mayor Hurley Rudd, remembers Morgan as a fiscal genius, serving on the appropriations committee for 12 years, but most of all, Rudd says Morgan was good friend.

“He was the kind of man that you would want to go hunting with or fishing with, or to football games, but he was very serious and involved in what he was doing."

Morgan is remembered as a champion for funding education and health care. He was also said to have fought hard for state employees during his term in the house.

Jim Smith, a close friend of Morgan said, ”Herb Morgan was a giant legislature he made a huge difference in the Tallahassee community. He was an unbelievable person. I'll miss him."

Sunday, from 3 to 5, the visitation for Morgan will be held at the Culley Meadow Woods funeral home on Riggins Road. Morgan was 60 years old.