Christmas Reunion

Thirty-four years ago, Linda Williams made one of the hardest decisions of her life to give her unborn child up for adoption.

"Took me so long to sign the papers, I tried every way I could to keep her and piece of me and my soul been missing ever since 1969."

This Christmas, Linda isn't dreaming of unwrapping the perfect present, but putting back together the piece of her heart, she lost all those years ago. Just in time for the holidays, Linda is reunited with her daughter. The baby girl she gave away to give her a better life.

"My heart is racing, I'm so happy can't describe," said Lori Brock as she met her birth mother for the first time.

Basking in the miracle before them and how much they look alike, Linda says her husband is the reason behind this Christmas connection.

"I wanted to give her this for Christmas, to feel the whole in her heart all these years," said Linda's husband, Mark Williams. The saying home for the holidays, couldn't hold more meaning for this family as they take their first steps to today, tomorrow, and forever.

Linda's husband hired a private investigator to find Lori, who found her in three days and just in time for Christmas. Besides meeting her daughter, Linda met her grand daughter for the first time as well.