Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

A local self-defense expert wants to remind you to not leave safety off of your shopping list.

The clock is ticking with Christmas Eve just hours away, but in your hurried state, don't forget about safety in the mall, especially with children. Personal protection coach Brad Fantle says keep them close by.

Another tip: bathroom breaks.

“I know a lot of kids 10 years old want to go by themselves, but if you just go in with them wait by the sink. It’s real important,” Brad says.

Leaving the mall poses some more safety risks. This is an example of how not to do things:

“People buy so many things load ourselves up with bags and are not scanning the parking lot like you should, ”says Brad.

And never leave presents in full view.

A final tip, security personnel are standing by to escort you to your car, so make use of them. As we hear time and time again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Governor's Square and Tallahassee Mall both have programs in place to escort patrons to their car.

One last tip: designate a meeting place in the mall in case you get separated from your family.