Dog Fights

If you're looking to give a dog away for free to a good home, make sure you check out the potential new owner as best you can. The extended circle says it's the least you can do for the animal.

Nine-month-old Oliver, a pit bull, has had a tough life.

"He apparently was a bait dog. He's got punctures all over his body and legs."

Just days ago, Oliver was found in Havana, and the extended circle animal haven got the call and picked him up.

Law enforcement says they know dogs are being forced to illegally fight.

"It's difficult to locate because it's underground and it's close knit. We leave it up to law enforcement to deal with them," says Richard Ziegler.

Animal activists say some dog fights can last as long as an hour, or until one is dead.

"I think it's atrocious. I don't understand why someone would do this to an animal."

Oliver the pit bull is going to recover with the extended circle animal haven. When he's ready he will be adopted out, but that may be a while. He's still at least 20 pounds underweight, plus needs to heal.

What are some things people should look for when it comes to underground pit bull fights? Authorities say it's hard to pick out, but look for animals that are kept apart in cages, or on chains and treadmills to run the dogs on to keep them strong.