Last Minute Shopping Advice

If you've tried to bustle your way through a shopping mall lately, this may come as a surprise, but economy watchers say Santa’s sleigh might be a little lighter this year.

Among local last minute shoppers the gift card is the hot commodity.

Some say it's impersonal, but retailers say, it's the perfect lightweight fit.

A new survey says at least 46-percent of shoppers plan to buy at least one gift card this holiday season.

"Gift cards are sometimes impersonal, but then you can get what you really want,” says Helzberg Jewelers Manager Jim Booker.

"It's a great way to give a gift if you don't know what exactly to give,” adds Play Smart Owner David Doll.

And gift cards are the best way to make sure something "fits."

"I do believe in the Gift Cards. The person can get what they want and it's easy for me,” explains last minute shopper Janice Clark.

"Because it's dealing with clothes. I'd rather have a gift card and find what I want,” Jamie Brinkley, another last minute shopper adds.

And for the last minute shopper, it's a dream come true.

"A Gift Card is a good make up for not making a choice,” Antonio Jefferson comments.

Economist say that gift card sales are not recorded until they are redeemed, so while there is news that retailers aren't getting the sales numbers they hoped for, maybe they are, with gift cards.

Gift card purchasing advice includes saving the receipt, just in case the money applied to the card, doesn't take.

It has been known to happen.