Packing Up the Holidays

Hundreds of thousands of packages are making their way to doorsteps across America this week.

Which equals to tons and tons of packing materials to dispose of after Christmas.

There may be a white Christmas after all this year, but we're not speaking of snow flurries, rather hundreds of thousands of packing peanuts, commonly found scattered across your floor Christmas morning.

“Some pets like to play with them, I heard cats love peanuts and everything,” says UPS Store Owner Jack Cox.

After play time is over, it's time to pitch those peanuts, but hold on, don't trash them yet!!

“Bring them to me. I'll use them, recycle them, reuse them, send them in other boxes to somebody else,” explains Brian Smith, a Package Express worker.

As will many other packaging companies in the area.

Jack Cox at the ups store says packing peanuts are bad for the environment, because the expanded foam isn't biodegradable.

“The peanuts can be reused over and over so we do encourage people to put them back in the system,” Cox explains.

All you have to do is keep them clean, bag them up, and drop them off at your nearest packaging store.

The peanuts will be redistributed without harming the great outdoors.

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