Family Adopts Son for Christmas

Five-year-old Anthony Robinson may not be large, but he's definitely in charge.

Just weeks ago he was adopted by jams and Allean Robinson.

Since birth Anthony has been in and out of foster and group homes.

But this year he's spending Christmas with his new permanent family.

Mrs. Robinson is already sounding like a proud mom, “He's very outgoing, active, he loves people.”

With four grown children, the 54-year-old dad says his new son is a blessing, “You can find the energy, it's worth every minute that we spend with him.”

Friday Anthony turns six; Mrs. Robinson says she couldn't go on any longer knowing Anthony was without a family to love him, “So I thought about that and decided I’m going to be his mom, cause I feel I can give him a chance, he knows I’m his mom.”

Adoption organizations in Florida say there are around 2,500 children in need of a home in Florida. For more information, call One Church, One Child of Florida at 850-414-5620.