Holiday Travel

It's time to pack up and head home, that's what plenty of folks are doing Sunday as they filter through the Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Even with the nation on a heightened terror alert, many say it was smooth sailing.

“The inspections weren't too bad they moved quickly, but were thorough,” said Tallahassee resident, Martin Gainer.

“I'm pretty good at knowing what to expect as far as no metal, take off your shoes, it didn't seem out of the ordinary,” said Florida State University graduate student, Jason Nemec.

What is out of the ordinary, a packed lot, so much that folks had to venture to employee parking. A good sign for the airport, but not for several taxi drivers.

“It means bad business for the cab business because people have their own transportation when they get back but the students will help pick things up,” said City Taxi Cab driver, Willie Deadwilder.

It was a busy Christmas weekend at Tallahassee Regional Airport, one that had folks exercising patience. Still, for some it's all about the thrilling experience called travel.

“I was all the way up in the air and I told my mama, I can see the world!” said five-year-old, Kimmel Green.

Airport officials say their busiest travel days fall around Christmas, Thanksgiving and college graduation