Attempted Homicide

Early Sunday morning, a young Tallahassee man was charged with attempted murder.

Twenty-two-year-old Justin Gaymond ran his Jeep Cherokee into a house on Gulf Wind Drive following a heated discussion with his friend 23-year-old Roger Coleman.

Tallahassee Police officials say Gaymond tried to run over Coleman as he stood in the doorway of his home. Police say what started as a lover's quarrel between the two men at a local nightclub later escalated into this attempted murder.

"They said they were at a night club together and they were involved in a romantic relationship, and that this argument stemmed from that, but quite frankly, whether is was a romantic relationship or not, or just a friend or stranger, the fact is, the suspect we arrested committed a number of crimes,” said TPD Officer Smith.

Gaymond faces a number of charges including attempted first degree murder, burglary, criminal mischief and battery.