Capital City Experiencing Critical Blood Shortage

When emergencies arise, blood donors act as gift givers. Blood donations play an integral part in saving lives, especially during the holidays.

That's when officials say more accidents occur, and the demand for blood is high, but what if supply is low?

“Hopefully it won't get to that point, we've never been in that situation where there isn't enough blood for emergencies,” says Sharon Roush, Capital Medical Regional Center CEO.

If you ask blood bank officials nearby, it's getting to that point this year, and the empty chairs are making matters worse.

“Right now we're extremely low, which means for most people, if there's an emergency we may not have enough blood on the shelf and people should worry,” Jeanne Dariotis of the Southeastern Community Blood Center:

The Southeastern Community Blood Center supplies blood to 23 counties across north Florida and south Georgia. When supplies drop, elective surgeries are the first to go.

That's why folks like James Foulk are sitting here giving a life saving gift that doesn't cost a penny.

“You know you're helping someone, it could be a child, an adult, a family member, you don't know. I think it mentally makes you feel better,” says Foulk.

Foulk says the process is easy, and it takes less than an hour to donate a pint of blood. The blood bank is open during the week from 8 until 4:30 p.m., but will be closed on New Year’s Day.